Rock music tees... twelve of the best

Sliding on in to day three of Groove Week, I thought I’d share some cool havens for finding music inspired t-shirts… after all, t-shirts are the number one staple of the little folk wardrobe. As always I found it hard stopping at just twelve as there are so many cool kids labels on the market. However, I chose this group of labels for their cool graphics and stand out quality…

Kids Rock Music T-shirts

First up, City Threads. This label is jammed packed with awesomeness. Why? Firstly, Air Guitar is the sport of legends {unfortunately when it comes to playing the real guitar, I’m mediocre at best}. Secondly, Air Guitar is a skill that every child should acquire. For kids, this is best taught while dancing wildly to mum’s old rock records and should be done prior to the age of 7… when they decide that mum’s old records are lame.

Kids Rock Music T-shirts

Next up, Rowdy Sprout. I dig these guys mainly for their vintage styles both in the graphics on their tees and also in their choice of fabrics and finishes. The Hendrix thermal tee is my favourite as I’m loving green for boys this winter.

Indie Kidz Rock Music T-shirts

Indie Kidz is a Canadian based label that is now available in Australia through Monkeytail and Wellington. I dig their range for two reasons, cool graphics and eco-friendly designs. All their tees are made from 100% organic cotton and bamboo and their inks are free from PVC, lead and other horrible substances. On a side note, it’s Kid’s Music Month at Monkeytail and Wellington in May… so drop by for cool interviews, album reviews and giveaways!

Pluto Rock Music Kids T-shirts

Pluto is an indie label that recently caught my attention for it’s cool colours and quirky graphics. I’ve got my eye on their “Hi Tee Shirt” but today I’ve included a couple of tees that are perfect for little rockers of the female persuasion. I urge you to drop by and view their whole collection, also high on my cool list is the “Propellor Boy” Tee.

Gama-Go Kids Rock n Roll Music T-shirts

Last up today is Gama-Go. This label has my favourite graphic of the whole bunch, the Tigerlily Rock Tee. Dig the stripes, dig the amps, dig the guitar and dig the facial expression… gotta get me one.

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