Waking up in Candyland...

I first discovered Boopsie Daisy a year or so ago while perusing a series of kewpie doll photos on Flickr… it was love at first sight! This month on I’m a mission to add some colour and quirkiness to my work space and decided to visit the Boopsie Mart for inspiration… now I just have to wait for the lovely postman to deliver the goods!

Boopsie Daisy Whimsical + Kitsch Artwork

It’s really quite ironic that as an adult I’m so ridiculously smitten with cuteness. When I was a child I was a self-confessed Tomboy. In my extended family there were a lot more boys than girls which resulted in a stream of girly gifts coming my way {much to my chagrin}. I was known on more than one occasion to line up my dolls and attempt to jump over them {Evel Knievel style} with my BMX bike… The result? A family full of headless dollies!

Boopsie Daisy Whimsical + Kitsch Artwork

Boopsie Daisy Whimsical + Kitsch Artwork

Everytime I visit the Boopsie Daisy store it makes me feel like skipping through the woods, talking to squirrels and bluebirds, singing loudly in public and eating a bucket of candy. If kitschy cuteness gets your motor running… take a visit to Missy’s Flickr photostream… it just might make your head explode with delight.

Boopsie Daisy Kewpie Doll Print

Last up today is the Boopsie Daisy print I decided to purchase; Kewpie Crimes. I love, love, love Kewpie Dolls but my husband is scared of them… this trio in going to scare the bejesus out of him!

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