Colour outside the lines with baobab

Two cool things happened to me this morning. Firstly I had the opportunity to put together a post exploding with colour, which I LOVE to do. Secondly, said colourful post is brimming with glorious winter clothing, and marks the first day of the baobab mid-season sale! Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!

Baobab Winter Kids Clothing

I love a winter collection that doesn’t shy away from colour. When you’re a kid, you’re pretty much a bubbly bundle of energy all year around, so you may as well wear the clothes to match! So this season, why not think pink, purple, green and blue in bold prints and contrasting patterns?

Baobab Winter Kids Clothing

Baobab is an Australian company, headed by the life-force of the operation Belinda Blooman. The range is designed locally and as the seasons progress you’ll see increased input from local artists for placement prints and local designers for yardage prints.

Baobab currently works with 100% cotton fabrics but the inside info is that we’ll see a move into ethically produced organics with the summer 10 season… so keep your eyes peeled!

Baobab Winter Kids Clothing

Did you know that the name baobab comes from the African Baobab Tree, also known as the tree of life? This cool tree looks like it’s been planted in the ground upside down. It serves as a meeting place for villagers and provides food, water, shelter, medicine and even fibres which can be used to make clothes and musical instruments.

If you’re interested to learn more, there is a cool children’s book by Louie Stowell called The Baobab Tree which makes a fun and educational read for kids.

Baobab Winter Kids Clothing

Baobab is available for purchase online, or through a range of selected stockists both Australia-wide and internationally.

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