Fresh Baked Friday... Intergalactic Art

Hidy Ho Folks! Welcome to another Fresh Baked Friday. Today I’ve gone intergalactic with some of my favourite artwork and model toys. I’ve been quite fond of rockets and spaceships since I was young and it’s certainly passed down the generations. So if you love a good space adventure, then this post is for you.

Handmade Wooden Rocket Toy and Spaceship Art

Launching first today is this super cool wooden rocket ship and space boy by Star House. It’s made from sustainable wood and is completely hand-drawn, sawed, sanded and painted. Second up is Bosten Terrier on an imaginary mission to mars {he likes to play space rangers}. He’s a  print from an original oil painting by Brian Rubenacker.

Rayvon Raygun Tin Toy Box

Next up we have this print of a Rayvon Raygun Tin Toy Box by John W. Golden. I’ve long been a fan of John’s work and couldn’t possibily leave him out. Check out his store for tons more spacemen, robots and rayguns.

Handmade rocket collage and spaceship print

Time for some retro space travel now with this awesome print of an original mixed media collage by Graphite Girl. The original collage contained painting, vintage photos, decorative papers and star maps. Very cool. To the right we have an original painting {acrylic on canvas} by Ezerd, giving you a little glimpse of the morning commute on airway L50.

Rocket, Spaceship Art and Wall Prints

Last up today, two cute prints that would be perfect for stimulating the imagination of your little space rangers. To the left we have the Jr Rocket Ranger print from Randy Ortiz; proving that cardboard boxes make fabulous space vehicles. To the right we have the Momentum print by Naokosstoop… you’ll have to hangon tight if you’re going to make it to the moon!

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