Get Your Geek On!

Geek Chic! The art of taking stereotypically and historically ‘uncool’ clothing and culture and making it hip. Embrace your glasses, your brains, your pocket protectors and your {not so} secret love of comic books and get your geek on {hint: more Jarvis Cocker, less Erkil}.

Geek Chic Kids Clothing, Toys and Accessories

The playlist… five songs to help you get your geeky groove on…

  1. Through Being Cool by Devo
  2. Star Trekkin’ by The Firm
  3. She Blinded me with Science by Thomas Dolby
  4. Mr. Roboto by Styx
  5. Doctorin’ the Tardis by The Timelords

Nerd and Geek Art Prints

Now that you’re all set with your geeky toys, tees and accessories… I’d thought I’d finish off today’s post with two of my favourite geeky art prints. To the left we have the “I love nerds” print by dear kiki, how could you not love nerds when they looks this darned adorable? To the right we have the “Trekkie Nerd” by Lauren Gregg, proof that Trekkies can indeed be foxy! Display them proudly in your home!

1. Microscope Tee by Happy Family … 2. Book Worm Brooch by Minifanfan … 3. Spock Barette by Mel Bell … 4. Young Mad Scientist Building Blocks by Xylocopa … 5. Chess Pin by Calamity Collective … 6. Einstein Tee by Blink Design … 7. Lego Brooch by Oink Oink … 8. Yoda Necklace by Gr0glmann’s Jewelry … 9. Nerdy Baby Flash Cards by Tiffany Ard … 10. Charles Darwin + Sir Isaac Newton Finger Puppets by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild … 11. Meerkat Spock by Nifty Knits … 12. Proton Plushies by Particle Zoo

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