Feeling Fruity... Handmade Style!

Fruit has long been bullied and neglected by children across the world. The school yard is practically a death trap for a lost banana or a orange slice! Dare to sit next to a packet of twisties or a snickers bar and it’s game over buddy, target practice for you my friend! So in honour of standing up for the humble piece of fruit I bring you… handmade fruit salad!

I don’t know about you, but this collection is making me feel mighty fruity {which makes a nice change from my usual, nutty}. The original inspiration for this post came from a delightful pair of Granny Smith Apple Booties by Pedro Sprout. I adore the whole Pedro Sprout range, but I found this pair particularly glorious. I’m also quite captivated by the O is for Orange print by The Paper Boat. Dig that cheeky and delicious facial expression…

Before I leave you today, I wanted to share one last fruit inspired piece with you. Pineapple Parade is an original art print by artist Giselle Gonzalez. I love the retro feel to Giselle’s work. The whimsical characters and settings give each creation a lively and playful appeal. Perfect for Mum and Dad’s space.

Pineapple Parade Art Print by Giselle Gonzalez

1. Girl’s Crochet Dress by Greta Kids … 2. Little Orchard Dress by ZeeBee Creations … 3. Strawberry Felt Hairclip by Siiri Made … 4. Granny Smith Apple Baby Booties by Pedro Sprout … 5. Strawberry Earrings by Bijunea … 6. Fruity Knitted Hats by LA Originals … 7. Teddy Bear by Sew Sunshine … 8. Jingle Bell Apple Toy by Benzie … 9. O is for Orange by The Paper Boat … 10. Fruit Plushies by Janie

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