Whimsical, Wild and Wooly... Toys by Asher Jasper

The ultimate goal of {KID} independent is to create posts that make you {and us} smile… and boy do I love it when I find an inspirational artist like Asher Jasper. I can’t get enough of her sublime woolly designs… so I thought I’d introduce you to the whole family!

Handmade Wool Toys by Asher Jasper

Handmade Wool Toys by Asher Jasper

Asher Jasper is the creation of Vicky (Wool addict and Mum to Asher and Jasper). Based in Southern California, Vicky is originally from England but moved to the USA after falling in love with a young American artist on a painting trip to Italy… isn’t that a gorgeous story? She made her first needle felted creation in October 2008 and has never looked back.

Asher Jasper Handmade Wool Toys

These cute little eggy creations are handmade from pure needle felted wool. This process involves taking a sharp, barbed needle and looping loose fibers thousands of times to form the desired shape and pattern. I can’t begin to imagine how long each one takes to create, but I certainly can appreciate the creativity, imagination and love that goes into the process.

Asher Jasper Handmade Wool Toys

Each Asher Jasper handmade toy is made from non-toxic, 100% pure wool. To view the full range and pick out your favourite, head on over to the Asher Jasper Etsy store.

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