Smitten with Kittens!

Name this cat… He is quiet and small, he is black, from his ears to the tip of his tail; He can creep through the tiniest crack, he can walk on the narrowest rail. He can pick any card from a pack, he is equally cunning with dice; He is always deceiving you into believing, that he’s only hunting for mice…

Handmade Kitten T-shirts, Toys and Jewellery

Ever since our puppy post back in May, I’ve had my sights set on something about kittens. Then this week I stumbled across the Lucy Blouson Shorts by Sebastian and Sienna which set the {old rusty cogs} in motion. Please enjoy this cunning collection of kittens and cats!

Before I dash off, I wanted to share one last find with you. There’s no question that cats are curious creatures. Who knows what kind of adventures and mischief they get up to when they’re not sunning themselves on the back deck, or snuggled up on their favourite rug? One fabulous theory, as suggested by Julie and Donna from Sissy Sparrows, is that they’re quite adept at fighting crime! Introducing… Supa Cat!

Super Hero Cat Art and Stickers

Do you pop in and read {KID} independent each morning with your breakfast? Don’t be shy! Leave a comment! Just to say thanks for your continued support, we have 10 handmade supa cat stickers to send out to five of our early morning readers. We hope they will go to cat loving homes… first five comments of the day will win two stickers each… letters will be addressed to the little people in your house, a delightful surprise for a postie loving whipper snapper!

Oh, and the cat in the opening paragraph? Why it’s Mr. Mistoffelees by T. S. Eliot!

1. Little Lucy Blouson Shorts + Tee by Sebastian and Sienna … 2. Clever Pussycat Onesie by Cathy Peng … 3. Nanette Felted Cat by Missy and Me … 4. Pussy Schmussy Cat Brooch by De Nardi … 5. Black Kitten Necklace by Mega Girl … 6. Polka Dot Cat Collar by Sculley Design … 7. Miss Tibbs Singlet by Rock Your Baby … 8. Kitty T-shirt by Jen Skelley … 9. Handmade Kitty Couture Doll by Sweet Tidings … 10. Supa Cat Art by Sissy Sparrows

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