Let's hear it for the toys!

It all started when I fell in love with a little bunny called Daisy {below}… Daisy likes to go to the beach with her two best friends, Rocco and Max. Their favourite game is challenging each other to see who can build the best sand castle…

Handmade Knitted Soft Toys

It’s practically impossible not to smile when you meet the Zoo Series by Y0omii. The collection was launched in early 2009 by Toronto based designer Sherry, who makes most of her creations freehand, without a pattern {so cool!}. I have no idea how that would work… but then again, I’m a knitting novice… if I tried it, I’m sure I’d end up with something that resembles a birds nest {i.e. a big mess!}

Handmade Crocheted Soft Toys

Handmade Crocheted Soft Toys

The YOomii animals are hand knitted or crocheted from mostly 100% cotton or organic yarns (Sherry has recently switched from acrylic so you may find a few acrylic friends here or there). Some of the designs can be customised with unique colours, such as little Kai the friendly owl. He loves his red hat, but can also be persuaded to wear orange, purple… or even pink! He also has the cutest, slightly perplexed look on his face…

Handmade Knitted Panda Soft Toy

You can purchase YOomii softies online through Etsy. These cute little guys are made in Canada, but international shipping is available for a very reasonable price.

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