I'm not a hipster, I just dress like one...

I’m currently undertaking a project to turn my bleak office walls into something bright and whimsical. The key piece will be a “print wall” and I’ve spent the past few weeks sourcing prints from indie artists from around the globe. My latest acquisition is the hipster illustration from Nan Lawson which seriously tickled my fancy when I came across it recently {and makes me smirk every time I look at it}.

Illustration and Art Prints by Nan Lawson

Nan Lawson is an illustrator and photographer based in LA, where she lives with her boyfriend Michael and her two chubby cats, Dodger and Milhouse. She finds inspiration from everyday items and experiences such as her typewriter, camera or shoes.

Illustration and Art Prints by Nan Lawson

I love the cool indie style of Nan’s prints. She manages to capture a hint of geekery and ton of personality in each character she creates. Such is the universal appeal of the images that they would make a fabulous addition to your office, living space or kids room {particularly older kids who are starting to express their own personal style}.

Illustration and Art Prints by Nan Lawson

As well as the prints available in her Etsy store, Nan also creates custom portraits on request. I’ve got my eye set on one for my next wedding anniversary. I’d love to see what I look like as a line drawing, and which characteristics would stand out… my chubby cheeks and messy hair no doubt! Teehee…
Illustration and Art Prints by Nan Lawson

You can view Nan Lawson’s full portfolio on her website, or shop for prints in her Etsy store.

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