Fresh Baked Friday, not your average board games

Rolling around again to another Fresh Baked Friday, today I thought I’d introduce you to Portland based artist Jason Greene, his business “Board Games” and his unreal {my retro word of the week} collection of children’s furniture and wooden toys.

Baby Deck Chair - Recycled Skateboards

All of these handmade goodies from Board Games are made from recycled skateboards, making them both eco-friendly and super cool. The absolute star of the show for me is the baby deck chair… dig the design, dig the colour and dig that each one is unique in colour and finish. It comes fully assembled, and is kiddy safe with no sharp screws or edges… freakin’ awesome!

Baby Deck Chair - Recycled Skateboards

I must admit that I’m also a bit fond of this wooden slingshot for it’s lovable rogue quality. Some might say that a slingshot isn’t really an exercise in responsible parenting… however, that’s not to say that you can’t buy one for yourself and save it for you and your man child {am I the only one with a husband like that!?} to play with while the kids are at Nana’s house…

Wooden Sling Shot and Yo Yo

You can check out the full range of recycled skateboard toys and furniture online at Board Games. Shipping to Australia is available on request, just send Jason a convo for pricing details.

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