Monday Monkey Mayhem!

Happy Monkey Monday! What better way to start a new week than with a big bunch of cheeky monkeys from various parts of the world? My theory is that no matter how gloomy you feel, a monkey can make you smile…. invite one into your life and I’m sure that hi-jinks, shenanigans and tomfoolery will ensue…

Handmade Monkey Toys and Softies

A collection of soft toys just isn’t complete without a monkey. Opt for the old school sock  monkey style like the one above from Monkeytail and Wellington, or go for something modern and bright like the pink and white super hero monkey by Murdock Design. If you like your monkey to have some charm and panache, why not visit monkey maker extraordinaire Maribel Made and request a custom design… I say old chap, it’s jolly good to see this monkey sporting such a fine vest and cap… although he seems to have forgotten his pants!

Handmade Monkey Blocks, Hangers and Beanie

Once you’ve chosen a monkey softie to adopt, you’ll need a few monkey accessories to keep him company. Here are my three current favourites… vintage style monkey building blocks, a funky hand crocheted beanie and a set of monkey coat hangers!

1. Super Hero Monkey by Murdock Design … 2. Mischievous Crocheted Monkeys by y0omii … 3. Cheeky Monkey Softie by Littlelom … 4. Sock Monkey with Vest by Maribel Made … 5. Sock Monkey au Natural by Monkeytail and Wellington … 6. Sock Monkey Building Blocks by OllieBeez … 7. Sock Monkey Beanie by Karly’s Kloset … 8.  Ape Hangers by MonkeyDo

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