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Hi folks! Today I’d like to introduce talented mum and designer Belinda from Pink Giraffe. Belinda has been sewing up a storm preparing new outfits for winter and with colours and prints like these, you’ll soon forget about the chilly and gloomy days!

Handmade Skirts by Pink Giraffe

Belinda is a mother of two who resides in country Victoria. She made the big move to the country with her family after the birth of her son {now five years old} with the dream of raising her children with lots of space to run and tons of fresh country air. Handmade label Pink Giraffe followed later after the birth of her daughter; now two years old and the inspiration behind the label.

Handmade Skirts by Pink Giraffe

All of the outfits in the Pink Giraffe collection are handmade by Belinda from a little nook in her house while her kids bounce happily around the room, keeping her motivated and {not so} focussed… I’m sure a lot of you know that feeling well!

Pink Giraffe designs are vintage inspired, and many of the outfits are replications of those that Belinda wore as a child. I personally adore the fabrics! Belinda creates her garments in limited releases to keep things fresh and interesting, and chooses fabrics that are fun, playful and spirited.

Handmade Dresses and Kids Clothes by Pink Giraffe

In her own words… “My inspiration and motivation is my daughter. I love to see her in the clothing that I have made, and the joy she gets from her special outfit. I then transfer that thinking to all the other little girls out there and it makes me very happy knowing that they are dancing and twirling around in my designs.”

Handmade Skirts by Pink Giraffe

Belinda is currently working on some exciting new designs for winter which will be released towards the end of June. Visit Pink Giraffe online to check out all the handmade goodies.

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