Regretsy - a laugh and win promotion!

I recently put an order in to one of my favourite book stores for some light reading to enjoy during football season… I’m left TV-less every time a game is on and like to entertain myself with a book and a glass {read bottle} of wine on the back deck in the peace and quiet. Among my selections was the recently released book “Regretsy” by April Winchell…

Regretsy - Where DIY Meets WTF

Many of you will be familiar with the original Regretsy blog {if not, it’s a must-read adventure in pure hilarity}. Regretsy – Where DIY Meets WTF in book form brings you a delicious selection of the most tragically hilarious, and sometime horrifying handmade items ever to grace the Etsy shelves.

It’s an absolute corker of a coffee table book and is sure to produce many a snicker, snort or chuckle. There may even be a moment or two when you think to yourself… uh, oooh, I actually LIKE that one… what’s wrong with me!? In fact, I derived so much pleasure from it that I’ve decided to give away four copies in our first “let’s be friends” competition.

Congratulations to our Regretsy Winners, Samala F. and Samantha K!
Congratulations to our Heart Etsy pack winner, Cintia G!

CompetitionHow do I enter?
Simply refer a friend to FRESH BAKED, the {KID} independent weekly news. If they sign up and add your email address to the “Were you referred by a friend?” box, you both go in the draw to win the prize. If one of you wins, so does the other one! You can sign up as many friends as you like. Drawn 30 June 2010.

Bonus PrizeLinky love bonus prize!
Do you have a blog? Add us to your blog roll {and leave a comment below} to go in the draw to win our “Heart Etsy” gift pack! We will pick out three of our favourite quirky Etsy items and send them your way. These will be COOL items {i.e. not a mermaid barbie headband, lol!} and will come to you in three little parcels from various corners of the globe… FUN!

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