A Whimsical Moment... Roadside Projects

Today it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the artwork of Jayme McGowan from design studio Roadside Projects. Armed with a stack of paper, a pot of glue and a trusty pair of scissors Jayme creates a range of whimsical 3D artwork that is simply to be adored.

Roadside Projects Whimsical 3D Paper Artwork

I’m always very fond of art that ‘takes you places’… whether it be through a brief escape from reality, the precursor to a fabulous story with your kids, or even sparking a memory from your own childhood. Jayme’s art ticks all of the boxes… which is simply perfect for a daydreamer like me!

Roadside Projects Whimsical 3D Paper Artwork

Each piece of 3D artwork is created from intricate paper images cut from a selection of new and re-purposed papers. Pieces are then glued into place with ninja precision {often with the aid of tweezers… uh, that would be super sharp ninja tweezers…!} to create magical landscapes, and inspiring characters.

Roadside Projects Whimsical 3D Paper Artwork

You can expect to a range of recognisable images such as little red riding hood, or a tightrope walking circus performer, but my favourite without a doubt is “Aerial Adventurers” featuring one very brave parachuting kitty. “The Sandwich Generation” below also tickled my fancy. This was an editorial illustration that was created for Canadian Family Magazine, Winter 2010.

Roadside Projects Whimsical 3D Paper Artwork

You can visit Roadside Projects online to find out more about Jayme’s work. A range of prints are also available through her Etsy store so you can take a little piece of magic home with you.

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