Squidgyums... Little Hood-lums

Today’s post comes straight out of Papamoa, New Zealand from a funky little label called Squidygums. I had the good fortune of discovering the Mr Squidgy Monster Hoodie on one of my regular hunts for monsters and other oddball creatures… The label is created by Kristin, twenty-something wife to Luke and mum of 2 boys, Finley and Archer.

Squidgyums Sleeveless Hoodie Vest

Squidgyums Sleeveless Hoodie Vest

I dig the applique patterns that Kristin chooses for her designs. They’re choc-full of personality and look like they’d be fun to take on backyard adventures. I’m also very fond of the sleeveless hoodie/vest style for winter layering. It makes for easy on and off to tie in with changing and often unpredictable weather… not to mention how precious they look on the little ones. In case you’re wondering, that’s Kristen’s boy Finley in the photo above … he’s likes to sing a happy tune, loudly, whenever he’s outside!

Squidgyums Sleeveless Hoodie Vest

Squidgyums Handmade Kids Hoodie

All items in the Squidgyum range are 100% handmade. You can purchase items from Kristin’s Etsy store, or through Felt in New Zealand.

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