Toasty Tootsies for Mums + Little Ones

As someone who works from home, in winter, on polished wooden floors, feet heat is of the utmost importance to me! I can’t concentrate on a single thing when my toes feel like they may break off at the slightest tap against my chair leg. So today’s post is written in honour of keeping your tootsies toasty.

Wool Felt Women's Slippers

My theory is, if you’re going to wear your slippers often you may as well enjoy looking at them! You also have the luxury of the “indoor-anti-fashion-police” rule… which means that you buy it purely for your own personal pleasure and comfort! Hoorah!

I have a bit of a soft spot for dots… so here we have a pair of orange and blue spotted slippers made from eco-conscious wool felt; available at OS handmade. To the right we have a pair of purple felted slippers made from Merino Wool; available at Bure.

Wool Felt Women's Slippers

This next second selection of slippers is made by Lithuanian designer Grazina and feature a gorgeous selection of colours and intricate felting patterns. Each pair is made from natural, organically grown wool. Grazina makes her slips with both style and health in mind.

Did you know that natural wool has pain-inhibiting, inflammation-reducing, and body strengthening properties? Those are some super smart sheep! You can read more about the healing properties of wool on Grazina’s blog.

Wool Felt Children's Slippers

Of course while you’re on a roll, don’t forget to snaffle a pair of slippers for your little ones. We can’t have them running around the house with cold piggies! Here are two super cutes pairs currently sitting on my favourites list.

To the left, we have a pair of pure wool pink rosebud slippers from Handknit Hugs. To the right, a friendly little snail residing on a pair of pure wool handfelted slippers by Kitchen Table. Seriously cute!

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  • OS

    Thank you very much.
    The whole truth about the slippers:) Thank you very much for this wonderful article. Im impressed:)
    You are incredible. XO

  • love seeing Onstail’s slippers here…all of these are great! didn’t know that about wool. makes it even more wonderful.

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