Accessories by Asterbelle

I love the opportunity to meet a talented handmade designer and take a sticky beak through their collection, so when I was invited this week to drop in and visit Jessie at Asterbelle I was more than happy to oblige… as you all know, I’m a sucker for accessories!

Asterbelle Handmade Hair Accessories

Asterbelle is a collection of handmade jewellery and accessories created by Jessie and her best buddy and partner in crime Brooke. Jessie’s love of vintage and handmade goes way back to her childhood. She inherited a love of design from her dressmaker mother {who taught her how to sew}. Keeping with tradition her own daughter Mathilda adores dressing up, and is always coming up with new and inventive ways to wear her accessories, just like mum.

Asterbelle Handmade Accessories, Bracelets

Jessie was motivated last year by her friend Brooke to try her hand at making her own accessory designs, and in 2009 the pair debuted a small collection at home parties hosted for family and friends. Asterbelle home parties are still held today, but the collection has greatly expanded and April 2010 saw the launch of the Asterbelle online store.

Asterbelle Handmade Hair Accessories

All items in the Asterbelle range are handmade from 100% cottons and silks with an emphasis on vintage florals, pearls and classic pieces. You’ll find a charming and delicate range of accessories for your little ones, but you can also shop for yourself with a collection of womens jewellery and accessories to choose from as well (yay!).

Asterbelle Handmade Jewellery, Bracelets

The Asterbelle team are busily working away on heaps of new designs for the coming months including fascinators and printed/appliquéd tops for the girls and jewellery and shirts for the boys. You can view the collection online at the Asterbelle website, or if you’re located in Western Australia you may like to consider an Asterbelle home party so you can see the designs up close and personal.

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