Collecting Feathers - Vintage Pillows

If you’re a sucker for a vintage illustration, like me, you’ll love these cute creations by Collecting Feathers. Each groovy pillow that you see below is upcycled from an authentic vintage tea towel {just like the ones Nana used to have} and the designs are retro-tastic!

Vintage re-purposed upstyled pillows

Collecting Feathers is the crafty creation of designer Nicole Zupanovich. Nicole collects vintage ephemera including papers, linen tea towels, fabrics and books and re-purposes them into bunting, garlands, banners and my favourite, the Nana Pillows!

Vintage re-purposed upstyled pillows

Each of the Collecting Feathers Nana Pillows feature an adorable printed design on a 100% linen unused vintage tea towel. The tea towels are re-purposed with 100% cotton backing and either pom-pom or tassel trim to create a cool pillow to be adored by a new generation. They make a fab addition to kids room, or a sun room for that matter.

Vintage re-purposed upstyled pillows

Due to the nature of vintage finds, each Collecting Feathers Nana Pillow is a one-of-a-kind; so if you’d like to see one adorning your home, you’ll have to get in quick before they all vamoose {I love that word!}.

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