Crafty Sunday... Spool Dolls + Fabric Tapes!

Good morning! I’m feeling a bit guilty this morning as I sit on the deck sipping my tea… you see, whilst I enjoy a leisurely breakfast with a puppy at my feet and a crumpet on my plate, my poor husband is running the Gold Coast marathon! It’s several hours and 40-odd kms of agony! I made him a 4 hour mixtape {well, iPod playlist} to keep him company for the trek!

Handmade Spool Dolls

Today’s batch of handmade arty goodness is especially for the crafters, sewers and scrappers among us. I quite adore fabric tapes and printed ribbons, even though they usually just sit on my desk or end up on my inspiration board. It helps of course, when you can wrap them around one of these glorious spool dolls. LOVE the winter spool doll from Wunderland {left}, and how can you not love the mauve hairstyle on Reidun by mq2?

Fabric Tape - Sewing - Zakka

Once you’ve found the perfect spool doll, you might like to expand your collection of handmade fabric tapes and ribbons. Here are a few from my ‘Etsy-stores-of-the-moment’. The blue whale cotton tape above is from RetroNaNa, a cute store based in Shanghai with hundreds of different tapes, stamps, stickers and supplies to satisfy your crafty needs. The tape is divine, but I also got a giggle out of the anatomically correct little boy kewpie doll.

Fabric Cotton Tape - Printed Zakka, Shinzi Katoh

Tapes, tapes and more tapes… above we have {top row} a couple of cotton fabric tapes from lilla lotta, handmade by artist Anna Barrow in the South of France. I adore Anna’s exquisite collection, it’s very hard to choose a favourite! Last up {bottom row} are two cute tapes that I’m currently admiring from The Paper Bar. They feature designs by legendary Japanese artist Shinzi Katoh and are printed on linen sewing tape.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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3 comments to Crafty Sunday… Spool Dolls + Fabric Tapes!

  • I love both of those shops! Super adorable!

  • AMY

    Thanks so much for including my shop in this awesome post. Sweet! What an honor to be among such cuteness and thank you so much for appreciating cotton/linen sewing tape. Not everyone “get’s it, ya know?”

    Thanks again!

  • How Tweet It Is

    Oh I love those tapes, I purchased some gorgeous tape from Lilla Lotta before and it is REALLY beautiful!

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