Em&Femme - Handmade Kimono Dresses

I love it when little treats pop up in my inbox. Last week I received an email from Shelly at La di da Kids sharing some photos of a new range that has recently arrived in her store. Em&femme designs is a kaleidoscope of cuteness, 100% handmade and completely one-of-a-kind…. swoooon!

Em&Femme Handmade Dresses

With spring just around the corner, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for transitional pieces. I like the fact that the style of the em&femme designs kimono dresses gives just enough coverage to guard against a chilly breeze, but with light fabrics that are cool enough to wear into summer. Not to mention how glorious the fabric patterns and colour choices are in each piece!

Em&Femme Handmade Kimono Dresses

Em&Femme Handmade Kimono Dresses

Each item in the em&femme designs collection is made with a unique combination of patterns and fabrics so you get an item that is truly unique. La di da Kids have a super cute collection instore at the moment. If you can’t find the right size or colour combo, you can also order a custom dress to perfectly suit your little one. Just choose the “custom kimono dress” listing and get creative!

Em&Femme Handmade Kimono Dresses

With so much gorgeous handmade style to choose from, I have a feeling that my bank balance will be dwindling quickly this spring… bring on the shopping!

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2 comments to Em&Femme – Handmade Kimono Dresses

  • Suzy Horsley

    Hello Ilja,

    Helen sent me the link to see your designs for childrens clothes… they are so lovely I am not surprised that they are selling so well.

    Congratulations and continuing success! Hope to see you all sometime hopefully soon!

    Lots of love
    Suzy xx

  • Lyndall Droscher

    Hi There, Need a kimono dress for next Thursday for a 5 year old girl in Sydney Australia – is this possible? who? when? how? Lol


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