Esbert's Collection of Handmade Toys

Earlier this week I stumbled across a handmade toy label from Brisbane {Aus} called Esbert’s Collection. Being a die-hard lover of offbeat characters of the plush variety, I couldn’t wait a minute longer to share the handmade goodness with you. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Esbert's Collection Handmade Toys

Each toy in Esbert’s Collection is handmade by the designer, a full time student and part-time maker of mighty fine crafty creations. I’m digging the quirky expressions, over-sized ears and little details like the hand crocheted scarves. The fabrics used are a mix of new and recycled bits and pieces. My favourite is the the linen plush bear above {to the right}, which is made from recycled linen from kitchen chair covers found at a lifeline store.

Esbert's Collection Handmade Toys

Esbert's Collection Handmade Toys

Esbert’s Collection is brand new to Etsy, so you can expect to see lots of new friends popping up shortly {and looking for loving homes!}

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