Fee Tartine... Handmade Flap Dolls

Bonjour! I hope your Saturday morning is off to a lovely start, croissants for breakfast? As you may have noticed, I’m somewhat addicted to writing posts about toys {a result of my unwillingness to grow up no doubt}. So today I thought I’d share a delectable collection of animals and other cuties from Fee Tartine.

Fee Tartine Handmade Dolls - Recycled Fabrics

Fee Tartine is a handmade label based in Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, in South-Western Quebec, Canada. The collection is made by hand from recycled fabrics with 100% wool stuffing. I adore the friendly expressions on each doll and the selection of fabrics is just beautiful.

Each toy in the Fee Tartine collection is a “4-in-1 doll”… simply flip the flap to reveal the other faces {i.e. smiling, surprised, laughing, sleepy} or animals {cow, sheep, horse and pig}. The animal flap dolls also feature related French rhymes.

Fee Tartine Handmade Dolls - Recycled Fabrics

Fee Tartine Handmade Dolls - Recycled Fabrics

You can visit Fee Tartine online to view the full collection of handmade dolls. Shipping is available internationally.

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