Fresh Baked Friday - Anyone for Tea?

Hip hooray for weekends! If you’re in Sydney, you’ll no doubt be excited about the very first Hide & Seek Market this weekend. It’s on tomorrow 25 July, 2010 at the Wrights Rd Community Centre in Kellyville, NSW. So today, our Fresh Baked Friday gives you a little sneaky peek at one of the stallholders.

Mugalicious Handmade Kids Tea Party Sets

I’ve always believed that spring is the height of the kiddy social calendar. Finally, it’s warm enough to hit the park, run around bare foot and of course, invite your friends around for tea parties.

One of the many cool exhibitors that you’ll find at Hide & Seek is Mugalicious. I quite adore their range of handmade tea sets and mugs. Of course, the kids range is my favourite, but I can also see one of the grownup mugs gracing my work desk {and getting a hardcore caffeine workout}.

Mugalicious Handmade Mugs

All of the Mugalicious “teeny tiny teapots for teeny tiny people” are handmade and hand painted by designer and mum of two Robyn Shelton. Robyn has a background in child care, prior to which she worked as a slip caster for a ceramics company under the renowned artist Kristen-Lee Baillie. Taking from her experiences in both fields, she launched her label Mugalicious.

Mugalicious teapots are made from porcelain clay then fired in a kiln. Three coats of paint are applied to each one ensure a strong bold colour. Once painted, a final gloss coat is applied and they are fired (in the kiln) at over 1200 degrees Celsius….. last step, waiting to see how they turn out!

Mugalicious Handmade Kids Tea Party Sets

I thought I’d leave you today with a lovely paragraph written by Robyn to explain what it is that she loves about creating her craft…

“I love making the teapot sets (so does my daughter Amina). I love the smile that I get from children when they walk past my stall and pull away from their parents to come and have a play. I also love that it’s not just the children who smile but the parents and grandparents. They all stop and reminisce about the teapot sets that they had as kids. It’s very heart warming and humbling to be part of their nostalgia.”

You can order Mugalicious tea sets and stoneware online, or drop by and visit Robyn tomorrow at the Hide & Seek Market.

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