Fresh Baked Friday... Recycled Wool

One for my master, and one for my Dame, and one for the little Boy who lives down the lane… today’s Fresh Baked Friday is all about wool! These woolen goodies are special for two reasons, firstly they’re a ten on the cute scale and secondly, they’re all made from recycled wool making them a blessing to the environment {and the little folk lucky enough to own them}.

Recycled wool toys and baby booties

Our first precious wool creation is from handmade designer Wool Whimsies. Love bear is made from 100% recycled cashmere and her little pink sweater and scarf are removable {in case any of the other toys in the box want to borrow it for a special occasion}.

To the right, we have a pair of bunny slippers by Rustic Patriot Girl. They’re made from a felted recycled lambs wool sweater with cute little buttons for eyes. Available in a range of sizes from 6 weeks to 18 months.

Recycled wool booties and soft toys

Next up we have a super toasty pair of lambswool slippers from Wooly Baby. They’re handmade from recycled 100% lambswool & merino sweaters with recycled leather soles. I adore the charming Mary Jane style applique strap and button. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

Sitting quietly to the right is Mr Cotton Tail by Beeper Bebe. He is made from recycled chocolate brown wool suiting and I’m loving his pom pom tail!

Recycled wool pants and elephant plush toy

Now it’s time for for an “awww” moment as you flashback to your own infancy and remember the nappy covers you used to get around in. These wool pants are by Sweet Violet’s Mama and are made from recycled 100% lambswool sweaters.

To the right, and our last find for today, a trumpeting elephant from Viola Studio. Pretty in pink, this little guy is upcycled from a 100% wool sweater… and he looks super fun to cuddle!

That’s all for today friends, I hope you have a fun filled weekend planned… see you tomorrow!

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