Freya Art - Miles of Smiles!

I’m in a great mood today… the sun is shining, I’ve got a day full of fun and frivolity planned, the family are behaving themselves, the dog just came back from the hydrobath… it’s all sunshine and lollipops! *beam*

Freya Art - Inspirational Prints

In honour of my upbeat mood, I bring you a collection of cheerful and heartwarming prints by Freya Art and Design. Freya divides her time between London {where she is based} and her little beachside studio in Phillip Island, Australia. I was drawn to her collection recently when I fell in love with the “You fill me with sunshine” print.

Freya Art - Inspirational Prints

Freya describes her work as ‘one of purity of vision with a forever optimistic view of the world’. I find it impossible not to smile when I take in the beauty of her imagery and words. These prints would make the perfect gift for a loved one… The sentiment of the “all that we ever need’ print below makes me all warm and gooey inside… hey, I’m allowed to be mushy sometimes!

Freya Art - Inspirational Prints

You can visit Freya online to view her gallery, or shop for art prints, cards and gifts in her Etsy store.

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