Handmade Dolls, Pirates and Zombies

Top of the mornin’ to ya! Since we did black and white on Friday, followed up by a palette of beige on Saturday I thought I’d inject a splash of colour into your weekend. What better way than a motley bunch of pirate and zombie dollies from Camamiel? Side note: they’re making zombies sooooo much cuter these days…

Camamiel Handmade Felt Pirate Doll

These adventurous handmade dolls are the creation of Spanish artist Ana Camamiel who describes herself as a ‘music-dolls-stuff-comic-illustration-maker’. Her handmade dolls are fashioned from high quality felt and fabrics with embroidered smiles and detailing. Each one comes with a story, and is ready for adventure.

Above we have Storm the Pirate… a very shy dolly who loves to sail the high seas all alone. She has the ability to absorb lightening bolts, but they make her crazy and she won’t stop talking and jumping around until her energy wears out.

Camamiel Handmade Felt Pirate Doll

Meet Canela the Pirate… she loves to experiment with food and would make a fabulous Masterchef contestant. The only problem, her experiments often explode, make your tongue black or have you sneezing for days.

Camamiel Handmade Felt Zombie Doll

Meet Zita the Zombie… She tried to attack the pirate ship once, but as it turns out she’s not very frightening and they thought she was so cute that instead they adopted her as a pet! These days she chases the pirates around for fun and enjoys sausages for lunch.

Camamiel Handmade Felt Pirate Doll

Meet Ava the Pirate… the most ruthless of the whole bunch, but secretly a sweetie at heart. She never forgets your birthday and will send you a Christmas card every year!

You can find handmade dolls by Camamiel online at Etsy along with a selection of postcards, pocket mirrors, brooches and badges. You can also visit her website to check out some of her awesome illustrations and comics.

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