Handmade Organics - Brooke & Adelyn

I’ve had my eye on the glorious Brooke & Adelyn organic children’s range for a while now, but had planned on waiting until the weather warmed up a bit before writing up a feature. However, today I noticed that they are having a 25% off sale… and took it as a sign!

Brooke & Adelyn Organic Kids Clothing

All garments in the Brooke & Adelyn collection are handmade from 100% organic fabrics and water-based acrylic fabric paints. The patterns and designs on each garment are hand-printed with handmade original stamps. I’m digging the mix of natural fibres and colours against the bright summery prints; and may I just say, ladybug romper? LOVE IT!

Brooke & Adelyn Organic Kids Clothing

Brooke & Adelyn Organic Kids Clothing

You’ll find Brooke & Adelyn online at Etsy. They happily ship around the globe, and as mentioned, are currently holding a 25% off sale to celebrate the end of the US school year.

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