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It’s been a while since I posted something for the mamas, so today I thought I’d share a few earthy pieces I’ve been admiring recently. Beige is often misrepresented as the poster child for plain. I prefer to think of it as a blank canvas… organic, natural and contemporary. Perfect for building a colour palette of warm, rich hues and contrasting patterns.

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The initial inspiration behind this post was the Jute Handheld Stachel by Drikab. I love their use of natural modern colours and textiles; in particular the inclusion of jute webbing into the handles. I also love the Origami waistband on the highwaisted skirt by mQuin. The slight wrinkling in the matte taffeta fabric reminds me of brown paper packages.

1. Pale Coquelicot Blouse by La Marquise des Anges … 2. Flowers in Cage Tunic Dress by Isabel Amyo … 3. Handheld Satchel by Drikab … 4. Upcycled Bangle Bag by b. bag … 5. Origami Skirt by mQuin … 6. My Little Garden Necklace by Japonicas

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