Knit Baby... Keeping it Cosy!

Good morning my freezing friends. Today’s post is especially for those in the Southern Hemisphere currently experiencing the winter chills. It’s Eskimo cold in Queensland, so I can only imagine the shivers happening down south! What you need my friends, is wool!

Knit Baby Hand Knitted Dresses and Blankets

Knit Baby Hand Knitted Wool Pants and Blankets

I’ve always wanted to add “knitting-extraordinaire” to my crafty repertoire but never got around to learning. This week I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely and talented Elizabeth Thompson from Knit Baby, and have since decided that some things are sometimes best left to the experts!

Elizabeth launched Knit Baby in late 2009 after having knitted her way through 5 kids ranging in age from 2 to 14 years. She was inspired to start her business after learning that she would not be having any more children but still had the desire to share the knitting love!

Knit Baby Hand Knitted Baby Blankets

In the Knit Baby store you’ll find a range of children’s garments including dresses, pants, toys, tops, accessories and gorgeous blankets. Each one is handmade by Elizabeth from 100% Australian Merino wool and 100% cotton yarns that are super soft and machine washable for convenience. There’s really nothing like owning a hand-knitted item for your little one, to me it gives a rich feeling of nostalgia, a hint old world charm and a warm sense of comfort.

Knit Baby Leg Warmers and Skirts

You can view the complete Knit Baby range online at Elizabeth’s store. Garments are made to order, in a colour and pattern to suit your child’s personality and style.

Upon learning that I would not be having any more children I became worried about who I would be able to knit for and wondered how I could best put my creative energies to use. (Knitting provided me with many hours of sanity saving comfort through the years and tears.)

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