Fresh Baked Friday - Picnics, Parties + Pretties

Hello friends, happy Friday! For our fresh baked feature today I’m rocking out a pink triple play… picnics, parties and pretties. Other cool words that start with the letter P?  Popsicles, playtime, precious, peculiar, precarious and procrastination {that last one is my favourite}.

Pink Tea Party Invitation and Shoes

Pink Flower Headband and Handmade Gift Tags

Pink Cake Stand and Handmade Tutu

Pink Tea Cup Brooch and Messenger Bag

Handpainted Baby Shoes and Biscuit Tin

Pink might be a bit of a colour stereotype, but I love it nonetheless. I especially like it when it’s delicately mixed with pastel shades of aqua and blue. Now, let’s see if I can possibly resist snapping up at least one of these items… the eight ball says… “unlikely”.

Well, that’s it for this week folks. I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned! Why not drop by tomorrow morning and join us for breakfast? I’m making raisin toast without the icky bits {raisins}… I guess it’s called cinnamon toast but it’s more fun to say the first way.

1. Doily Tea Party Invitation by Beyond Design … 2. Lola Ruffles Handmade Baby Booties by Ivory & Moss … 3. Maisie Flower Headband by Myrtle & Grace … 4. It’s Good to be Queen Gift Tags by Romantic Inspirations … 5. Small Cake Stand by Vessels and Wares … 6. Iced Vo Vo Tutu Skirt by Little Fish Creations … 7. Little Pink Teacup Felt Brooch by Lupin Handmade … 8. The Highlander Pink Tartan Messenger Bag by Kibber … 9. Strawberry Mary Janes by ERAsistible … 10. Cookies Tea Tin with Tassel by Dumpling Dynasty

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1 comment to Fresh Baked Friday – Picnics, Parties + Pretties

  • Thanks for the special feature photo of the maisie headband! What an honor. It must be the month for pink parties and pretties as I’ve been very busy making pretty pink party decoration at my house too! Check out my blog ( to see a sneek peek of the decorations and a quick cupcake box tute. Our party is the 2nd so I’ll have more up after then of the party kitted out. xxx Cheers, Rachael

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