Retro Parties for Kids - Fun, Fun, Fun!

Golly Gee Willikers! It’s retro party time! Today’s post takes a fun look at retro party products for kids. This delights me for three reasons. Firstly, it’s good-old-fashioned-wholesome-fun-for-the-whole-family. Secondly, I had so much fun researching these products that I could have gone on for pages! Thirdly, retro parties mean that the parents have just as much fun as the kids!

Vintage, Retro Kids Party Products

In my opinion, the first stop when you’re planning a party for a little girl should be a glorious party frock! I couldn’t be more in love with this Party Poodle Dress by Becca Bee Designs. Love that retro silhouette… and it’s practically MADE for dancing!

Of course, the boys need a stylin’ retro outfit too, vintage tees are perfect. I’m digging the Vintage Astronaut Tee by Piper {image below}. For the bubs, I recommend a retro romper {yes, yes, I know, I’m addicted}… they look adorable with a retro party hat like this one from by Eadie’s Elephants {image below}.

Note: please scroll down for a full list of all the products pictured.

Vintage, Retro Kids Party Products

Once your outfit is sorted, it’s time for invitations, decorations and treats. Picking out a couple of traditional vintage pieces that bring memories rushing back is a must. I jumped for joy when I discovered the Retro Paper Straws at Hey Yo Yo. Fairy Bread, Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Donkey… also essential.

For a cake, why not try your hand at the traditional Dolly Vardon complete with vintage doll? For the boys, how about snakes and ladders… or ‘fun with dick and jane’? For cupcakes, you’ll be spoiled for choice with all the kitschy cake toppers available. Check out this awesome “Birthday Cakes of the Past” Flickr pool for some laughs and inspiration.

Vintage, Retro Kids Party Products

Once you’ve gathered up all your party needs, it’s time for presents! For favors think kitschy knick knacks like kewpie dolls for the girls and slinkies for the boys. Or perhaps scoop up some retro kids books from your local vintage book store. For invitations, I love this range by Aussie vintage designer Red Wagon. It’s available in a style for girls {as pictured above} and also a matching set for the boys.

Retro Vintage Wrapping Paper

When it comes to wrapping paper, I’m a total sucker for a well-wrapped-gift… however, I also realise that it’s looking special one moment and in a ripped up pile the next! I quite adore the kids’ collection at Sweet Vintage {image above}. However, if you’re crafty, why not try your hand at making your own wrap? A great place to start is ‘The Graphics Fairy, for free vintage images.

1. The Party Poodle Dress by Becca Bee Designs … 2. Retro Paper Straws by Hey Yo Yo … 3. Birthday Sing-Along Cupcake Toppers by The Baby Gardner … 4. Custom Retro Party Hat by Eadie’s Elephants … 5. Vintage Astronaut Boy T-shirt by Piper! … 6. Retro Party Invitations by Red Wagon … 7. Charlotte Doll Cake Toppers by Moonfaire’s World … 8. Vintage Birthday Wishes Tags by Pink Pearl Studio …

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