World T-shirt Tour - Week Four

Today we’re rockin’ on in to week four of the World T-shirt Tour… there’s six more super ace designers to peruse, and of course, six more awesome tees to win! Are you in the draw? Click here to enter the major prize draw; there’s only 9 sleeps until we draw our 31 winners! There’s also a chance today to win our spot prize of the week… info below.

World T-shirt Tour - Week Four

Oishi-m Handmade Kids Clothes


Located in Melbourne, Australia. Bringing you super stylin’ limited edition designs featuring kimono, vintage and retro fabrics. Threads so cool that Dad will be jealous and cheeks will be pinched. Expect to see colour, with a touch of whimsy… click here to visit oishi-m {that’s Oy-shee-em}.

Green Thread Organic Baby Clothes

Green Thread

Located in San Diego, USA. An eco-friendly collection of tees, onesies and blankets made from organic fabrics and printed with water based inks and low-impact dyes. This collection is delicate, charming and Sweet with a capital S… click here to visit green thread.

Mm is for me personalised kids t-shirts

Mm is for me

Located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Modern personalised tees and hoodies for the little folk. The Mm is for me range features hand-appliqued letters and names with all screen-printing done by hand. A rad way to honour your name and an awesome way to learn your ABCs… click here to visit mm is for me.

Little Chook Handmade Kids Clothes

Little Chook

Located in London, United Kingdom. Think fuzzy felty fun! A collection of cool kids tees, pants and tote bags sporting flock prints of birds, animals and whimsical imagery. We’re digging the bold shapes and colours. All these tees are made in fairtrade conditions, with each design printed by hand… click here to visit little chook.

Creative Current Handmade Kids Clothes

Creative Current

Located in Auckland, New Zealand. A collection of playful tees for kids and adults, designed and handcrafted by graphic artist Nicky Perry. Expect to see rockets, cupcakes, elephants and a hint of kiwi culture with Tui and Kiwi Bird prints… click here to visit creative current.

Moobear Designs Eco-friendly Kids T-shirts

Moobear Designs

Located in Sydney, Australia. Moobear is a range of children’s clothing with a conscience. Each tee is made from 100% Oeko-Tex Cotton in sweat shop free conditions. The designs are created by kids {cool} and the tees are made by adults. Each pattern is cut from recycled fabrics and appliqued by hand… click here to visit moobear designs.

Win one of 31 cool kids t-shirts!

Congratulations to Sandra Lockhart, winner of this weeks spot prize!

CompetitionWant to win this week’s spot prize of one cool indie t-shirt? Tell us in the comment section below about the coolest rock concert/tour that you’ve ever attended. We’ll draw a winner next Thursday 29 July, 2010 and send them a tee!

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36 comments to World T-shirt Tour – Week Four

  • Mandy Graham

    I took my boys to a Hi-5! concert and it was brilliant. It was so colourful and fun.

  • Nadine

    It has to be the Powderfinger and Silverchair tour in 2007, Greatest performances i have ever seen.

  • Ash

    Thank-you for having me in your tour! You’ve gathered an amazing collection of T shirts!

  • Ash

    Oops, forgot to add a favourite concert, sorry! It would be a hard choice between Alannis Morrissette and Sting!

  • Vicky

    Fleetwood Mac in Sydney 2004 (while 6 months pregnant with my daughter who was dancing away in my stomach!) Awesome concert – will never forget it.

  • I blush as I recall how I melted when Morrissey took to the stage at the Forum in Melbourne. It was a long awaited visit and he was fabuloso!

  • Even though the memory is foggy, my favorite concert might be US Festival in the early eighties with Oingo Boingo and Flock of seagulls.

  • OMG Nelly… You sent shivers down my spine… I ADORE Morrissey…. SWOON!!

    My most memorable concert is seeing him in Leeds, UK. I just about died for joy when he came on stage… it was awesome!

  • Susan D

    Best concert I’ve been to was Pearl Jam in Auckland, it rocked!

  • Natalie Souprounovich

    The best concert I have ever been to was George at the BMW Edge theatre at fed square in Melbourne. Katie Noonan’s beautiful voice was made for the acoustics of that theatre. Not to mention her singing “Breath in Now” with a beautiful backdrop of the river and south bank gardens at dusk. Seriously amazing.

  • Sally Wentriro

    Does Neil Diamond count as rock??? We saw him in Las Vegas in 09. There is nothing like thousands of people singing ‘Sweet Caroline’!! Lots of fun and a memorable concert!

  • Carolyn

    Powderfinger and Silverchair tour in Perth in 2007. I was 7 months pregnant with my beautiful baby girl and she was kicking and bopping along non stop the whole concert! She is now 2.5yrs and still loves both the bands.

  • Jen Muir

    Another Pearl Jam fan here, I saw them in Newcastle (with Kings of Leon) on 19th November 2006. Best night of my life, I have the poster and the tickets and some photos I took framed in our lounge room 🙂

  • Tina

    Lenny Kravitz is the best concert I have seen & that was about 15 years ago. He had the coolest female drummer.

  • Tennille

    Nothing can beat pink. You really get your moneys worth.

  • Di

    Oooh a toss up between INXS and Guns N Roses. I’ll go with INXS because Michael Hutchence was pure sex on legs!

  • Katrina

    Devo at the Livid Festival in the 90’s, The Pixies in Hobart a few years ago, The Cult – come on, I can’t pick just one!!

  • Erin

    It has to be Pink – an amazing performer, a wonderful experience – still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

  • Candice

    I saw Beyonce last year & she was fantastic. Kylie also was fantastic after she postponed her initial concert due to her cancer treatment…..her concert was well worth the wait 🙂

  • Corinne

    Rockwertcher 2008 which is a belguim festival that is camping and great rock and roll music for four days – amazing head lining acts were Neil Young, REM, Lenny Kravitz, Counting Crows, Ben Harper, John Butler Trio (go to love the Aussies), Kings of Leon just to name a few…a very close 2nd was The Eagles at the o2 Arena in London, those lads know how to rock it out even in their 60’s!!!

  • tartankiwi

    U2 were amazing when I saw them! I also heard them 10 years previously when they did a concert in Murrayfield Stadium… as did anyone living within a 3 mile radius of the stadium! I loved it but I can’t say my parents did hee hee!!!

  • mel

    i’m definitely in the minority here. i’m a country girl and country music fan from the states and love george strait. so his was the best concert i’ve ever been to. he even waved to my sisters and me during a song!

    i’ve never been to a rock concert, but would *love* to see dave matthews someday!

  • lisa

    We went to a Jamiroquai concert on the Sydney Opera Hall steps, and it was a damp and miserable night but the show was great! At the end, Jay Kay announced that he had a surprise treat for us – half an hour of spectacular fireworks, just as the rain stopped like magic.

  • nadia

    Wiggles concert was the best! we were all up and dancing with dorothy and waggs 🙂

  • It’s a hard choice between Sex Pistols and REM, both at the Hordern Pavilion.

  • greatest concert by far was meredith music festival ’09
    mr 2 1/2 stayed up all night to see jarvis cocker, sat up on dads shoulders and rocked it out singing ‘angela’. he clapped after every song too 😉 very courteous!

  • Amy

    1996 REM tour – Crowded house opened

  • Sara

    The first concert I ever went to was in 1989 to U2 at Western Springs on their Rattle & Hum tour with BB King. I was 13 didn’t quite get the enormity of who I was seeing, I was too busy being interested in boy bands!

  • Keren

    PINK, she rocked the house and danced the night away, amazing, amazing, amazing she totally rocked my world!!!!!

  • Karen

    1989 Motley Crue… Glam rock all the way!

  • theresa

    Cold Play was fantastic! I sang and screamed and just got into the music!It was also visually amazing!

  • Malea

    2003, Kasey Chambers – she was gorgeous! Love the latest batch of t-shirts too, especially the Green Thread ones.

  • Samantha

    1983 David Bowie Serious Moonlight Tour concert in Auckland. My first concert, got drunk on the bus on the way up there with my BFF and he was AMAZING! Modern Love!

  • Caroline

    The greatest concert I went to was the French rock singer “M”, in 2000, in France, wonderful !

  • Nicole

    My favourite concert ever was Eurythmics. They played at Western Springs in Auckland, think the year was 1988 lol Annie Lennox rocked it 🙂

  • would have to have been sound relief in melbourne – it was awesome, but would agree with Katrina, Pixies in Hobart (and melbourne – yay!) were pretty amazing too!

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