Presenting... The World T-shirt Tour!

Hello friends and happy first of the month! We’re more excited today than a five year old with a brand new puppy {well.. okay, perhaps AS excited…} as we bring you the first installment of the {KID} independent 2010 World T-shirt Tour!

World T-shirt Tour - Indie Designer Showcase + Competition

Kicking off in Sydney, Australia we’ll be trekking through New Zealand, the USA {stopping for a spot of surfing in Hawaii}, on to Canada, and across to the UK… meeting a new indie designer at every port and collecting one of their coolest tees.

Each Thursday during July we will showcase a new bunch of designers. You’ll have the opportunity to check out their fly designs and also the chance to win a t-shirt from their current collection… that’s thirty-one indie designers, thirty-one fun-filled days and thirty-one free t-shirts! Yee Gads, that’s exciting!

Click here to enter the competition

View the prizes

There will be 31 prizes drawn on 31 July 2010, as well as a major prize pack.

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