Bearded nation.. a tribute to the furry folk!

Bristles. Stubble. Muttonchops. Chin Strap. Goatee. Facial Hair. Five-O-Clock Shadow. Three-day-growth. Face Fuzz. Jaw Insulator. Whiskers. Soul Patch. Chin Muffler. Chilly Cheeks. Soup Saver. Face Curtain. Gizzly Adams. Bushy Ben. Brillo Brush… a tribute to the furry folk!

Well, there you have it folks; a crafty introduction to the whimsy that is facial hair. Before I leave you today, I wanted to share one more furry delight with you… this print is from Drywell and is titled “The Day I Lost My Moustache“. It tickled my fancy and I thought it might give you a little smile as well. I personally think that little yellow blocky looks rather debonair with his handlebar mo. Every time I look at him, I keep waiting for the moustache to crawl back up onto his lip… they can do that, right!?

Moustache Art Print

1. Blue Beard by BornLippy … 2. Mr Beardsley by Get Intimidnated … 3. Bearded Boys Magnet Set by Hollandsworth … 4. Mustache Magnets by Bob’s Boy Rob … 5. Beard Pin Badges by Harvey Hartley … 6. Cookies with Mustaches Coin Purse by Seventh Sphere … 7. Bearded Dreams Print by InLoveAndWar … 8. The Day I Lost My Moustache Print by Drywell

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1 comment to Bearded nation.. a tribute to the furry folk!

  • LOL!! I love some good facial hair (not on myself of course, being a woman and all…)
    I think the little yellow blocky dude looks better with the mustache too. Thanks for including my coin purse with this great collection!! :{) <– my smiley has a mustache..

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