A day in the park... with Brusselsprouts!

Good morning handmade hunters. Keeping good with my promise on Sunday, I have another spring serving of handmade goodness for you. It’s so exciting to see the indie designers giving the big labels a run for their money in the style stakes. Today’s heavenly handmade kids clothes are from the new season collection by Brusselsprouts.

Brusselsprouts Handmade Kids Dresses

The theme is “a day in the park” and the designs include a mix and match range of shiny red apples, red and white gingham, hand-knits and crochet, and kite flying characters. To me, the collection evokes a feeling of long summer days; Mum and Dad are sipping lemonade and nibbling scones. The birds chirp in the background.

The kids are climbing trees, and indulging in a healthy dose of tomfoolery and shenanigans {two of my favourite words in the English language}. As the sun goes down, they sit on the front porch eating popsicles and listening to the crickets… Playstation hasn’t been invented yet {sigh}… Is it wrong to live vicariously through your kids?

Brusselsprouts Handmade Kids Dresses and Boys Shorts
Brusselsprouts Handmade Boys Clothes

It’s  hard to pick a favourite from this collection, but I’m particularly fond of the smock top and shorts set below with the gingham pocket. I come from a long line of tomboys, and even though I’m quite partial to dresses on little girls now that I’m grown up, shorts are still a firm favourite in this household, as is handing upside down on monkey bars and not showing off your knickers.

Brusselsprouts Handmade Girls Clothes

Each Brusselsprouts garment is made from cool and comfy natural fabrics including cotton, denim and linen sourced from Australia, the USA and Japan. The collection will be available online and in-stores shortly.

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