The Daredevil Toolkit

Today’s post is for those with a sense of adventure. The kid who likes to ride his bike down steep hills, minus shoes, hands optional {like we did in the 80s}; jump off swings mid flight; kamikaze off the top of the garage; or climb to the top of the tallest tree in the street. {KID} independent… we ain’t no stranger to danger.

Evel Knievel Art Print

The inspiration for this post came from a super cool print by Yee-Haw Industries featuring the legendary Evel Knievel. It gave me flashbacks of diving off the top drawer of my brothers dresser onto a carefully placed mattress whilst yelling “Evel Knievel!!!” at the top of my lungs… still a favourite in this household today… ahh, good times.

Kiddimoto Bike and Accessories for Daredevils

Once you’ve chosen your daredevil idol, it’s time to put together the whole toolkit… here are a few ideas. I must say that this new release Evel Knievel Bike by Kiddimoto has officially skyrocketed to top of the Christmas list for Santa. The important question is, could this bike withstand Mum and Dad’s crazy antics as well as the kids!?

Cool Kids Toys and Accessories for Daredevils

Next up, it’s time to choose a few good old fashion wholesome activities to build your daredevil street cred. Perhaps you’d like to try shooting yourself out of a cannon or cheering at the sidelines of the Bigfoot vs Yeti Ultimate Throwdown? The smart money’s on Bigfoot… rumour has it that Yeti is a bit of a sooky la la.

Final thought…. when stocking up on band aids, choose the kind that superman would wear.

OUCH! Comic Strip Band Aids

The Daredevil Toolkit

  1. Blatant disregard for personal safety
  2. Healthy appreciation for eating dirt
  3. Walls adorned with daredevil idol – Evel Knievel by Yee-Haw Industries
  4. Stylin’ Threads – Adrenaline Junkie Tee by Motor Munchkins
  5. Trusty Sidekick – Super Hero Bear by PlushZilla
  6. Speed Machine – Evel Knievel Bike by Kiddimoto
  7. Rad Brain Protection – Red Goggle Helmet by Kiddimoto
  8. Wholesome Activities – Bigfoot vs Yeti by Gnome Enterprises
  9. Wholesome Activities – Rocket Boy by Studio Roxas
  10. Wholesome Activities – Pea Shooters by Board Games
  11. Ample Supply of Band-aids – Comic Strip Band Aids by OUCH!
  12. A mother with nerves of steel

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