Fresh Baked Friday... Spring Fresh!

Happy Friday! Today’s serving of fresh baked goodness comes from two very talented crafty Mamas and masters of sewing, Jen from AinsleeFOX and Cintia from My Poppet. These two have been working like little elves at their sewing machines whipping up some fresh spring delights… please enjoy!

AinsleeFOX Handmade Kids Dresses

First up today, a platter of handmade dresses from AinsleeFOX. Designer Jen describes AinsleeFOX as “my sewing alter-ego. She is who I am when I’m not busy being a working mum and wife!” Her story is one that amused and delighted me…

AinsleeFOX Handmade Kids Dresses

Jen’s love of crafts dates back to her childhood, but after a freak sewing accident that involved sewing over her Brownie Guide Leaders finger with a sewing machine at 10 years old, she had come to the conclusion that sewing might not be her forte. However, with the birth of her daughter and the additional bonus of not working fulltime, she decided to rekindle her love of crafty pursuits and discovered that sewing isn’t so scary after all.

AinsleeFOX Handmade Kids Dresses

These days Jen indulges her addiction to fabric and her love of sewing creating items such as dolls, clothing and other groovy goods. The “two-way” dress is the newest addition to the AinsleeFOX line. It’s handmade from designer cotton fabrics and has removable sleeves, giving you two dresses in one. It’s available in three colourways, Nantucket Summer in green or pink and Meadowsweet in lemon floral.

My Poppet Vintage Handmade Kids Clothes

The second batch off the griddle today is from Melbourne based designer Cintia from My Poppet. Earlier this week my fancy was officially tickled by a post on Cintia’s blog about her experimental pants… see above, in hot pink. I then discovered the Retro Spring Dress and Apple a Day Bolero Vest, both made from authentic 1970s vintage fabric… groovy man. Each item is available as a limited edition release.

Well folks, that’s it for another week of indie delights! I’m off to the video store to pick out some movies for my “make-the-most-out-of-the-end-of-winter-snuggled-up-on-the-couch-under-on-the-doona” night in!

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