Furious Kingston - Big Style for Little Guys

I’d like to introduce today’s post with a few words from the designer… “Furious Kingston is handsome clothing and accessories in dapper fabrics, with a vintage hoodlum influence. Inspired by everything from thirties gangsters and molls to psychobilly, acid country and bare knuckle boxing”… if that’s not cause for excitement, I don’t know what is!?

Furious Kingston - Handmade Kids Clothes

Furious Kingston comes to you from the talented mind and crafty hands of Melbourne based designer Cherry Rockette. Cherry has a background in illustration, pattern-making and fashion design and has even been seen sewing a few jock straps to pay her way through college {now that’s dedication}. After the birth of her little man, Cherry launched her label Furious Kingston and has been styling little guys ever since.

Furious Kingston - Handmade Kids Clothes

The Furious Kingston range features boys’ clothing and accessories in sizes 1T-3T (with 4-6 coming in 2011). Each item is carefully hand-made in Melbourne from start to finish. All of the designs are made in limited quantities and feature vintage bits and bobs to keep the designs exclusive and unique. I’m digging the rockabilly flavour; not to mention the coolness of the cheery rotund viking robot… and the curly moustaches, well what I can say? They amuse me no end!

Furious Kingston - Handmade Kids Clothes

Furious Kingston is available online through Cherry’s Etsy Store. She is also hard at work on her spring collection, so keep your eyes peeled for new designs coming shortly.

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