Little Rose... In full bloom!

Today I’ve officially given up waiting for spring, and after having a couple of warm days here in Queensland have just decided to go all out and start enticing you with the delicious designs you can expect to see on the handmade shelves come September. Today we’ve got a little sneak preview of the Little Rose collection, and may I just say, I’m as smitten as a kitten with a bowl full of cream!

Little Rose Handmade Children's Clothing

The spring summer collection by Little Rose is inspired by Pippi Longstocking, whom designer Mijke Hoogervorst admired as a child; famous of course for her crazy, colourful and whimsical nature. Mijke also draws inspiration from the Summer 2010 Louis Vuitton catwalk show; which showed spirit, colour and confusion {and fabulous afros}!

Little Rose Handmade Children's Clothing

Little Rose Handmade Children's Clothing

The fabrics in this season’s collection are imported from the Netherlands, each one featuring vibrant splashes of colour in spots and florals, Mijke’s favourite combination. Each limited edition Little Rose garment is handmade by Mijke from a mix of designer cotton fabrics and vintage trimmings.

Little Rose Handmade Children's Clothing

About Little Rose, Mijke in her own words… “My husband and I came to Australia four years ago and when our little girl was born I was still very attached to our home country The Netherlands. I started making clothing for Rose as I remembered them from home. Mixing bold colours, spotty fabrics and very bright floral designs together. I got great response and started making little girls clothing size 000-3”.

Little Rose Handmade Children's Clothing

Little Rose is available for purchase from Madeit, and the Spring Summer collection will be available towards the end of September. This is definitely one to add to your favourites list!

The fabulous photography in today’s post is by Renee Bell from NFE Design.

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