In My Pocket... Miniature Mammal Menagerie

Oh how much fun life would be with a teeny tiny animal friend to keep me company on my daily travels. He’d fit right in my pocket and we’d share inside jokes at the expense of the grumpy lady who works at our local post office… you know who you are! It’d be hard to choose just one though, so I think I’ll start a miniature animal reserve and invite them all!

Miniature Animal Plushies, Soft Toys

I must say, I find the skill involved in creating these mini masterpieces quite astonishing. How these designers manage to construct these little guys with such intricate detail and character is quite amazing. The little panda on the bottom right is actually sold as a pattern, so if you’re keen to try your hand at making your own tiny animal kingdom, he would be a fun {and adorable} place to start!

That’s all for today folks, have a lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for the next installment in our Oddball Alphabet!

1. Tiny Needle Felted Deer by Violet Pie … 2. Needle Felted Hedgehog by Chocolate Beans … 3. Pocket Pachyderm by Maisey Handmade … 4. Miniature Piggy by Chi Shan’s Workshop … 5. Miniature Amigurumi Bunny by Knitting Dreams … 6. Needle Felted Dog by Simply Smitten … 7. Miniature Sleeping Kitten by Loveable Treasures … 8. Just-a-minute Bear by Zsoleszlavszka … 9. Micro Panda Bear Pattern by The Kingdom on a palm

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