Miss Haidee... Who Loves Vintage?

Okay folks, who’s ready for a big dose of vintage goodness from our friends at Miss Haidee? If you’re Mum to a girl aged between 0 and 10 I guarantee you won’t make it to the end of this post without the “ooh, that would look awfully fabulous on my daughter” smirk creeping across your face… scroll down for your discount code and a Miss Haidee giveaway!

Miss Haidee Vintage Children's Clothes

Miss Haidee is an Australian indie label, designed by… well, Miss Haidee… and sewn locally by loving mothers and gorgeous grandmothers. The collection is inspired by Haidee’s vintage linen collection and her love of experimental patterns and unconventional design.

Miss Haidee Handmade vintage Jumpsuits

When you take a stroll through the Miss Haidee store, each and every item feels like you have discovered a vintage treasure. The vintage pieces feature one-of-a-kind embroidered linens and are truly a work of art. Also, the little models? Divine.

Miss Haidee Handmade Dresses, Tanks, Shorts

New additions for the summer season include swimwear for both girls and boys, a frilled jumpsuit {I adore this!} which has just been adapted to teen sizes {to be available at Appleseed Child} and groovy boys denim pants and tank tops.

Miss Haidee Handmade vintage Dresses

In her own words “I have two children so I design with them in mind and just love what I do! My studio will never be the organized design studio I dream of, as it’s always in a state of creativity with fabrics and trims strewn around the room”.

Miss Haidee Handmade Kids Swimwear

Congratulations to Keiran {Grace & Harrisons Mum}, our Miss Haidee winner!

Savings and Specials

In the mood to SHOP? Get your kids wardrobe ready for summer and save. Simply enter the code “vintage” at the checkout to save 20% off everything in-store at Miss Haidee. Offer ends 30 September, 2010.

CompetitionYippee, Miss Haidee is giving one lucky {KID} independent reader the chance to win an item from the Spring Summer 2010/11 collection! To enter, visit Miss Haidee and tell us in the comments section below which item takes your fancy. Winner drawn 2 September, 2010. Prize available in sizes 0 – 10.

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71 comments to Miss Haidee… Who Loves Vintage?

  • Lena Verviris

    Excuse me whilst I come back from the far away, dreamy and romantic place that Miss Haidee’s clothes take me too…THUMP…me hitting the floor lol
    I really ADORE the two Pure Vintage Dresses. The pick of these two divine creations is the one with the lace trim apron and pocket with the lilac hues. Just stunning and so girly. Love it 🙂

  • Jo

    ** We have lots of tea parties in our household (Teddy included!) the Tea Party Rainbow Birds dress would be perfectly suited! **

  • Such a cute store but I couldn’t go past the Baby vintage set- adorable!

  • Love the Tomboy pants and the Sunday dress! My sweet Amelie Jo would look adorable in these!

  • Aunty Amity

    The Miss Haidee creations are simply adorable. The collection of vintage pieces beautifully put together and the boys swimmers are taking me back to those sunny days of fluro zinc and barney bannanas!!!!!! Love the unique style wil be buying up big for my gorgeous tribe!

  • Summer-Skye & Leilani's Mum

    Oh me, Oh my!
    The vintage floral playsuit in blue leaves me a ‘smitten kitten’. It reminds me of warm days, long and dry australian summer’s, growing up in the country, riding 70’s pushbikes down dirt roads, picking blueberries from the gully next door, weekends spent by the beach, of playing outside until the sun went down…and ultimately going to bed excited in the anticipation of doing it all again tomorrow.It is a ‘memory key’ to my childhood. Bliss in a playsuit!

  • Grace & Harrisons mum Keiran

    Ooh so many gorgeous vintage outfits but if I have to choose one as my favourite it would have to be the Sunday dress I think the cheeky look help win me over and i’m sure my little one would look cute in it too.

  • Jodie Robertson

    I love the Baby vintage set – so cute.

  • Anna

    I just love the Summer frock/top/tunic in
    brown, red and white- it is an absolute
    delight. One look at this floral creation
    conjurs up images of tea and scones at
    Grandma’s house! Long live vintage!!

  • Alli

    The Tea Party Dress grannys wallpaper flowers is my favourite. Nanas are so special!

  • Amanda Gorton

    The Tea Party Dress – it is like something from Alice in Wonderland!

  • sasha

    I have twins and therefore I look for individuality in their clothing to represent themselves.Looking at the vintage sets,especially #8, it has that perfect vintage charm but also simplicity…job well done…but to choose whether Raffael or Remi were to wear it first thats the only drama..

  • Carmenpol

    My favorites are the baby sling denim and the boys swimmer trunks, gorgeous !

  • claire

    aaaaw the blue bird denim frock is so cute. my vintage loving friend has just had the cutest little baby girl, who would look as awesome as her mum in this outfit.

  • Christina Matthewson

    I have two huge space fans here. I’ve been lucky enough to find some gorgeous funky rocket t-shirt for my boys, but I’ve yet to find rocket pants – until I came here 🙂 I just LOVE the tom boy space pants – they are so my boys, very funky and all about space 🙂

  • Renee Potter

    OOh so cute! I love the Baby Vintage sets and the Tea Party dresses! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Gillian Fitzgerald

    Absolutely, truly-ruly the Tea Party dress! Whether it be for playing with the fairies in the garden or a spring birthday party, this one would be an absolute favourite.

  • VERY hard competition as it is difficult to pic a favourite I have been a long time fan of Miss Haidee, but if I had to choose I must say I love the dot swimsuit, or tea party dress, or…see cant choose love all of them 🙂

  • Jessie smith

    Dear miss haidee and kid independent, my favourite piece is the pretty little bluebird denim dress. I love that it’s blue ( like my brothers) and comfy so I can still kick balls and climb trees. My mummy thinks it’s beautiful too which means I can wear it everyday and still look beautiful and comfy. Thank you, Matilda.

  • I adore the Sunday dress! Such gorgeous creations!

  • Congratulations to Keiran {Grace & Harrisons Mum}, winner of the Miss Haidee garment!

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