Mister Mista - Series 03

This one’s for the little hipsters. Kiddies of mamas with a rockabilly edge and offspring of papas who know how to groove. Introducing Series 03 from Australian kids label Mister Mista. May I just say, I’m pretty darn tootin’ excited about this one!

Mister Mista Series 03 Kids T-shirts

Mister Mista shot to fame back in 09 and since then designer Travis Price has been churning out the kick ass designs like butter. This season we meet six new rare-i-tees.. Vincent, Zephyr, Spencer, Ferdinand, Captain Static and Butch Skullduggery. I highly recommend heading over to Mister Mista to read more about these enigmatic and charming characters. The back stories alone are guaranteed a giggle or two.

Mister Mista Series 03 Kids T-shirts

Mister Mista Series 03 Kids T-shirts

The foxy character above is my favourite from the Mister Mista Series 03 collection. His name is Vincent and he runs the local ten pin bowling alley… This super slick character refers to his bowling ball as “Sweets” and it’s rumoured he eloped to Las Vegas and married it in a strange Elvis themed ceremony {classic!}. Sounds like a fun character to share a beer and a bowl of pretzels with…

Mister Mista Series 03 Kids T-shirts

Along with the t-shirt line, you’ll also find limited edition Mister Mista prints, spooky eggs, wall decals, height charts, clocks and cards. I’m digging this Three Little Pigs hip-hop crew print featuring MC Sticks, MC Bricks, MC Straw and DJ B.B. Wolf… laying down some funky beats.

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