Creative Cravings... Extraordinary Orange

This week I noticed that my favourites list is getting a bit out of control. I fall in love with so many awesome indie items each week, but just can’t fit them all into features {or make my dollars stretch quite far enough to buy them all}. I do love to share though, so here are a handful of my creative cravings this week, otherwise known as “the drool list”… enjoy!

Extraordinary Orange - Handmade Kids Toys and Art

Creative Cravings - Extraordinary Orange

*Clockwise from top

  1. Sweet Alpacas Print by Happy Doodle Land
  2. Amigurumi Ranger by Studio Llama Llama
  3. Embroidered Felt Face Pin by Mainichi
  4. Orange Elephant by Two Little Banshees
  5. Best Bear Plush Doll by Nonesuchgarden
  6. Sylvia Sock Money by Planet Monkey
  7. Balloon of Dream Print by Hsin Ping Pan

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