Fresh Baked Friday - Peas and Carrots

Weeeeeeeee, it’s Friday! This week’s Fresh Baked feature is all about peas and carrots. Perhaps I should have called it Fresh Steamed Friday instead!? After all, what’s not to love about a bunch of roly poly peas in a pod, or some crafty carefree carrots? Read on for a vitamin-packed handmade experience.

Crocheted Carrot Cocoon by Cub Designs

Peas and Carrots Handmade Toys

Our first fab find is a ten on the “awwwwww” scale. The handmade carrot cocoon is hand crocheted by Cub Designs especially for use as a photography prop… love it!

As well as being tasty and nutritious, peas and carrots are also fun to play with. Our next two handmade goodies provide a great alternative to chasing your veges around your plate with a fork; chase them around the rumpus room instead! To the left we have a peas and carrot play set by Blackbeary Mountain. These guys are made from wood and stained with AP certified non-toxic paints. To the right, classic crocheted baby rattles by Lark.

Peas and Carrots Handmade Softie and Onesies

Next up I’d like to introduce you to Rollo by Runaway Dreams. He’s a little handmade bunny who collects carrots for dinner; he was also the initial inspiration for this post. Next to rollo is a rad twin set of onesies from Letters by Lindsay… my question is, how do you choose who gets to be peas and who gets to be carrots?

Pea in a Pod Handmade Plush Toy

Carrots and Bunny Handmade Soft Toys

For our final serving today we have a trio of plushie goodness! This little pod of peas is by Mochi Studios and is handmade from soft fleece. The peas are removable, in case you want to take them on a wild adventure.

The carrots on the left with the cheeky facial expressions are by Plush Off. The description reads “these aren’t to eat, but they are to look at, throw at friends, use as a funny poking device…” Teehee! Last but not lest, an Itty Bitty Pocket Bunny in his Itty Bitty Carrot House by The Cupcake Girls… Peek-a-boo!

Well that’s it for another week folks; I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s fun indie finds. Join us tomorrow morning for a little look at a new spring collection from one of our favourite Aussie kids designers. What are we having for breakfast you ask? Green eggs and ham…

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  • Mandy

    Hi, I was wondering if you have the carrot cocoon pattern for sale somewhere? I’d be interested in buying it! Thanks, MAndy

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