Special Delivery... Kia Hing Fay!

Yippee! It’s time for another special delivery post… the feature that makes the postie your bestest buddie in the whole wide world. This week we have two fabulous packages to send out from kia hing fay; so if you’re feeling creative, or are just in the mood for a big bunch of cuteness, read on!

Kia Hing Fay Crocheted Rattles and Toys

So, what is a special delivery, I head you say… Special delivery is a series of posts dedicated to the humble hand-written note, a friendly postman and a brown paper package tied up with string. Each one gives you the chance to win a special delivery package, sent straight to your mailbox!

Oh, and who is kia hing fay, I hear you say… well, she’s a whimsical designer with a love of crochet, craft and artistic pursuits. Her collection is a playful array of little hand-crocheted delights, hand-carved stamp sets and my favourite, applique kits!

Kia Hing Fay Applique Kits

Here’s how they work…. 1. cut out the patches, 2. iron onto fabric, 3. finish off by stitching around the edges. The kits include the patches, the needle and thread, easy to follow instructions and a big dose of fun. All you need is an iron, some fabric {perhaps a t-shirt?} and a big smile plastered on your face. Fun, fun, FUN!

Kia Hing Fay Applique Kits

The kia hing fay collection is inspired by nature, domestic life, and a love of Scandinavian and Japanese design. You can find Kia’s products online as well as at selected stockists around Australia.

Kia Hing Fay Handmade Stamp Sets

Congratulations to Rosa in The Antipodes and Bobbie, winners of the Kia Hing Fay Applique Sets… I hope you enjoy your crafty projects!


This week we have two kia hing fay applique kits to giveaway {spring and summer}. If you’d like one of them to arrive in your mailbox, simply tell us below in the comment section what you would make with your applique kit! Winners drawn on Thursday 26 August, 2010.

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55 comments to Special Delivery… Kia Hing Fay!

  • Pattie

    i would sew the ‘spring’ applique kit onto a t-shirt for my 2 year old nephew to wear – how fitting, because he loves to water the plants in the backyard!

  • leah deighton

    OOHHH, aiming low, I have been wanting to make a european sized pillow for my daughters “BIG” girl bed. She’s 4 and sleeps with me… trying to enice her to her own room!
    Aiming higher a quilt with these applique kits sewn on would be super yummy!!!

    thanks x

  • Congratulations to Rosa in The Antipodes and Bobbie, winners of the Kia Hing Fay Applique Sets… I hope you enjoy your crafty projects!

  • Bobbie

    Thankyou very much for choosing me as a winner 🙂
    I have already contacted my mother who is donating her Janome to me and as soon as they arrive she is coming over to give me my first sewing lesson.
    Thankyou so much 🙂

  • Awesome Bobbie, good luck with the sewing!

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