The Kokeshi Clan

Hello friends, happy Monday! I hope your morning is off to a super start! Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to The Kokeshi Clan, creative project of Ohio based underground artist Craig Galentine a.k.a. Muluc. I think you’ll agree that this is some mighty fine artistic work!

The Kokeshi Clan - Handmade Dolls

So it all started for me when I stumbled across the Ninja Kokeshi and thought to myself, that is one stylish and serene looking little dude. Upon further investigation I discovered Kokeshi Panda with his big beautiful eyes and round belly and was officially hooked.

The Kokeshi Clan - Handmade Dolls

Each design in the The Kokeshi Clan series is handmade from two separate pieces of wood (allowing for head movement) and is hand-painted with acrylic paints. In the collection you’ll find both iconic pop culture references, as well as icons from Japanese culture.

The Kokeshi Clan - Handmade Dolls

Craig describes his vision as “East meets west, complete with an ever growing cast of ninjas, monks, geishas and deities that traverse the globe on their appointed missions”. Keep your eyes peeled for more sculpted figures and artwork to come. We dig it!

You can visit The Kokeshi Clan online at Etsy.

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