Handmade Hats - Spring Essentials from Winnie&Clem

As we edge closer to the end of winter, I can see the gloomy haze lifting and the fresh spring colours shining through! Today it’s my pleasure to showcase a selection of handmade hats for little ones from the spring collection by Winnie&Clem; a modern take on a spring/summer essential.

Winnie&Clem Handmade Kids Hats - Charlie Cap

The Winnie&Clem collection is created by sewing enthusiast Anita Keith. Anita runs her business from a sheep and cattle property {fun!} where she lives with her husband and two kids, Little Miss almost 4yrs and Little Mr 18mths.

Anita attributes her sewing skills to her Mum, a dressmaker, who taught her to sew at a young age. She initially started out making handbags, but after the birth of her little ones, soon progressed to creating items for her home and kids… cushions, peg aprons, fabric covered notebooks and hats, hats and more hats.

Winnie&Clem Handmade Kids Hats - Ella Rose + Charlie Cap

Winnie&Clem Handmade Kids Hats - Charlie Cap + Ella Rose

When it comes to choosing fabrics for her collection, Anita likes to work with bold colours and unique patterns {hooray for colour!}. The inclusion of such fabrics gives her handmade hats a modern style that you just don’t find in mainstream stores. According to Anita “I realised that hats are a reflection of personality and taste so I started creating a range of different styles unique to Winnie&Clem“.

Winnie&Clem Handmade Kids Hats - Charlie Cap

My favourite Winnie&Clem style is the funky Charlie Cap for it’s urban feel and unisex style. I reckon I could get away with sporting one of these myself when I’m out running errands around town! If you’re shopping for a little girl, you can’t beat the Ella Rose Hat for sweetness, and of course, excellent sun protection. I’m also digging the classic Bucket Hat for casual simplicity. Both the bucket and Ella Rose styles are reversible, giving you two styles in one.

Winnie&Clem Handmade Kids Hats - Bucket Hat

You can find Winnie&Clem hats online at Anita’s Madeit store. There’s heaps of different fabric patterns to choose from, and also a few new styles on the drawing board, so keep your eyes peeled!

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