Woddlebots... Colour, Glorious Colour!

This week I was invited by the lovely Krystie from Woddlebots to drop by and peruse her spring summer collection. I discovered a delightful range of dresses, skirts, tops and shorts in colour, glorious colour! Since I can’t resist a cheerful collection, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites to brighten up your day.

Woddlebots Handmade Kids Dresses

Woddlebots is the creative project of West Australian designer Krystie; Mum to 4.5 year old {going on 13} Kaleb and 2.5 year old Kyla. Krystie is now into her 4th year of designing her label, which is inspired by friends, family and in her own words… “keeping my little ones little for as long as possible”.

Woddlebots Handmade Kids Skirts

All of the items in the Woddlebots collection are handmade by Krystie from 100% natural cottons and are made to withstand the rough and tumble childhoods of even the rowdiest littlies. Krystie is a self-confessed fabric addict and I’m loving her selections for this season. I especially adore the combination in the Retro Flowers and Dots series.

Woddlebots Handmade Kids Dresses

When she’s not designing her line and picking out fabrics, Krystie spends her time sewing, taking photos, editing photos, loading products & cleaning her house {if she can find the time!} She also regularly attends local handmade markets, so if you’re lucky enough to be in WA, be sure to drop by and say hello!

Woddlebots Handmade Boys Clothes

You can find Woddlebots Handmade Kids Clothing online, and at selected independent stockists.

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