Oddball Alphabet... The Letter C

Hey, Hey, Hey… welcome to week three of the Oddball Alphabet series. Today’s feature is brought to you by The Letter C; a fabulous letter that stands proudly at the front of fun words such as cupcake, one of my all time favourite foods. It’s also a great letter for expressing British colloquialisms… Codswallop! Cor, Blimey!

Rainy Day Art Print

Indie Artists - Original Art Prints

Handmade Rooster Toy and Doll Art Print

Crafty Sewing Art Print and Comma Softie

Lobster Softie and Jack Sparrow Lego Key Chain

Handmade Heart Softie and Kids Ham T-shirt

Chivalry – Rainy Day Print by Rosy Designs
Camaraderie – Friends Print by Creative Thursday
Calcium – Dairy Pals by NoirNouar
Cock-a-doodle-doo – Polka Dot Cocotte by The Girl in Yellow
Conceptualism – Peel Print by Six Hours Photography
Crafty – Carly the Crafty Chick Art Print by S.britt
Comma – Circus CannonBall by Ei! Kumpel
Crustacean – Lobster Chubbikin by Erin A. Ellis
Caribbean – Jack Sparrow Lego Key Chain by Boxhounds
Cardiology – Needle Felting Kit by Fancy Tiger
Carnivorous – Ham for the Holidays Tee by Small Threads

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